No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It by Celia Kyle

noifsandsorbears_500x700About No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It by Celia Kyle:

The first day of Mia’s new life in Grayslake, Georgia is not going as planned. The house her grandfather left her looks ready to crumble, boxes cover every inch of the floor and–oh–there’s a bear cub in her pantry. It gets worse when the cub’s uncle comes by and busts out his fur and claws while on her front porch. Then it gets loads better because suddenly there’s a hot hunk of badge-wearing werebear on her lawn ready to rescue her. Yum. Of course, he has to ruin things by trying to take the cub out of her hands. Ha! The cub is hers… No ifs, ands, or bears about it.

Werebear Ty can’t seem to get the curvaceous, delectable Mia to understand that, even if she is one-quarter werebear, she isn’t keeping the cub. Ty is the Grayslake Itan, the clan’s leader, and the little werebear is going home with him… Unless it isn’t. It’s her smile. If she’d stop smiling and being gorgeous, his inner-bear would support him and Ty would get his way. But the beast wants to make their woman happy, so it’s perfectly content to let her do as she pleases. Then things change. Threats arise, danger comes close, and Ty demands she return to his den. No ifs, ands, or mates about that.

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KissnTell by Allison Swan and Suzy McCoppin


About KissnTell by Allison Swan and Suzy McCoppin

Anais and Vaughn are best friends, misfits, and known throughout their high school as Anus and Vag—nicknames coined by the popular Shrew Crew. But after the sixteen-year-olds are the subjects of a humiliating prank involving laxatives, it’s the last social crucifixion they can stand.

So the girls amp up their plain-Jane looks and hit the L.A. scene with a vengeance. What starts as an innocent first kiss with TV star and mega-hunk Baron Caldwell becomes the start of a hot gossip blog,

Anais and Vaughn soon secure their place in the limelight. Anais finds a boy she really cares about, and Vaughn finds the popularity she’s always wanted. But when the girls are shaken by a devastating situation, they see their friendship fall apart. Can they use KissnTell to their advantage while getting the revenge they deserve? Or will Anais lose Vaughn to the Shrew Crew forever?

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The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton by Rene Natan

The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton book cover

About The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton by Rene Natan

In short: Three women scar Detective Stephen Carlton’s heart. There’s April who makes him know the vortex of passion and then Gillian who gives him a family. But misfortune seems to befall his lovers. Only after years of tribulations Stephen falls in love again—this time with beautiful Livia—a fugitive accused of a horrendous murder. Now he has to choose between duty and love.

More of The Loves and…

A native of New Brunswick, Canada, Stephen William Carlton has looks and ability, but poor luck in love.
Raised by a single mother, Steve gives up the dream of being a pilot to appease his mother’s anxiety; Steve’s father died while testing a new aircraft when Steve was only a few weeks old.
After following a training course with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he finds a job as a constable with the Leesmer police squad.
His first real love is April, a beautiful young woman of loose morals. Even if in love with her, he refrained from dating her, providing her, however, with emotional and professional support. He longs for her, though—but this romance is not in the cards.
Steve licks his wounds by plunging into work—and soon he makes a name for himself as one of the most capable detectives in the province. He solves difficult cases and is promoted to sergeant.
Sometime later he meets Gillian, a student in journalism. Eros strikes again. They fall in love and get married. Family life seems bliss, as three children enrich their lives. Destiny is not in favor of this relationship either, and, once more, Steve finds himself alone; he dives into his work and parenting, suffering in solitude.
Years pass before the next woman comes into Steve’s life—she has been trained as an athlete, she is blond, attractive and twenty years his junior. This woman, Mary Livia White, plays with high stakes—her own life. She is being chased by the law for the hideous torture and murder of prominent lawyer Peter Bishop.

Peter Bishop’s murder is quite gruesome—and the entire police squad is on Livia’s track. It is a massive manhunt played on the table, on the computer networks, and on the phone: done with anger, viciously, without sparing any semi legal actions.

And Deputy Chief Stephen William Carton is dispatched to South America to catch her.

A tapestry of characters surround Steve. There is Albertine, a titled lady of the jet-set whom Steve had met while vacationing in Italy; Steve’s half-brother Michael, who needs Steve’s help to free his girlfriend from the kidnappers; Steve’s children Gordon, Larry and Luke with whom he goes moose hunting in the forests of the north; his colleague Carl Atkin of the Leesmer police squad; Osvaldo Castillo, Livia’s friend and trainer; the old chief of police, who hired him and guided through his career; Vern Simpson, the new police chief who had failed to arrest Livia when he had the occasion; Edward White, the founder and supporter of an organization to protect marine species, and Marline Ferguson, an amateur theater director.

Follow the vicissitudes of Stephen William Carlton as his personal life and career unfold before your eyes.

Directly from the author.
I structured this novel in three books. Each book contains a mystery/crime that Steve solves brilliantly. Each part, however, also contains a different kind of love. Book 1 is about the emotional and physical reaction a person experiences when she/he is attracted by another human being, for the first time, and very strongly so. Book 2 focuses on one of those extended relationships that gives stability to everyday life: the ideal setting for raising a family. Book 3 is about the courage of risking your heart one more time. Three women make a mark in Steve’s life: April, Gillian and Livia. The first is passion, the second is family, the third is partnership.

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Gone by Karen Fenech

GONE-Cover-Image-Sent-to-Laurie-Cooper-Oct-25-2014About Gone by Karen Fenech:

FBI Special Agent Clare Marshall was separated from her sister Beth in childhood when their mother tried to kill them. Now Clare learns that Beth lives in the small town of Farley, South Carolina, but when she goes there to reunite with Beth, Clare discovers her sister is missing and that someone in the town is responsible for her disappearance.

Clare receives an offer to help with the search from fellow FBI Special Agent Jake Sutton. The offer is too good to refuse, though that is exactly what Clare wants to do. Jake is Clare’s former lover, a man she cannot forget, and who has an agenda of his own.

Now while Clare tracks her sister, someone is tracking Clare, and finding her sister may cost Clare her life.

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SEO 2014: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke

seo 2014 book cover

About SEO 2014: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke

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Learn little known SEO techniques to rank at the top of Google with SEO 2014. SEO 2014 walks you through search engine optimization techniques used to grow countless companies online, and show you how to rank at the top of Google.

– Social media hacks to skyrocket traffic and rankings for your site.
– How to find “money” keywords that will send customers to your site.
– How to get expert SEO or internet marketing advice, completely free.
– 20+ of the powerful tools top internet marketing experts are using to automate their search engine optimization (most of these tools are free).
– Latest Google updates and how to avoid being penalised.
– Bonus chapter on pay-per-click advertising

SEO 2014 contains everything you need to learn SEO and dominate search engines in 2014. Click through to have a look and get started right away!

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A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween by S.E. Smith

A-Dragonlings-Haunted-HalloweenAbout A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween by S.E. Smith:

During one of her many excursions exploring the palace, Cara Truman discovers a vast underground chamber that turns out to be the perfect place for her next invention. Soon, her dream of building the ultimate playground for the Dragonlings is a reality.

When Abby laughingly mentions the new ‘playground’ looked like the perfect place to have a Halloween party, Cara goes into high gear to create the perfect Haunted House adventure for the babies. The fun kicks into high gear when the men discover what Cara has been up to and decide to ‘test’ the playground first!

Cara has no idea that her new project would create a sense of panic, wonder, or hilarious consequences in the palace when she unveils it. Discover what happens when another Earth holiday is unveiled, with the help from a couple of mischievous Goddesses, the symbiots, and Dragonlings in A Dragonlings’ Haunted Halloween.

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His (A Dark Erotic Romance Novel) by Aubrey Dark

His book cover

About His (A Dark Erotic Romance Novel) by Aubrey Dark

I never meant to be here: tied up in bed next to a serial killer.

When I followed him home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out his secret. His kiss was intoxicating, and I thought he was harmless.

I was wrong.

Nancy Drew never ended up in a basement, handcuffed to a radiator, teased to the edge of insanity, begging to be let go.

Soon, I stopped begging to be let go.

Soon, I started begging to be HIS.

Author’s Note: This is a dark romance novel with mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable.

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No Perfect Secret

NoPerfectSecret_FinalAbout No Perfect Secret:

A single secret begets a layer of lies. Betrayed thrice over by her husband, Anna believes her imploded life will right itself if only she buys a dog. Investigator Frank Caburn has other ideas. Man to the bone and manufacturing testosterone like Frito Lay does chips, he is at once attracted to Anna. All he wants is to fall in love and be done with it. Anna Nesmith is the one. But how to tell her without tripping over a layer of lies is beyond him. Adding to Caburn’s woe are his elderly bosses–both of whom who plan to keep their jobs until the Rapture or the sun burns out—whichever comes last–a cross-dressing dominatrix with OCD, a purple haired hacker on parole, and Anna’s back-stabbing mother-in-law. Falling love has never been more difficult!

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Royal Institute of Magic by Victor Kloss

royal institute of magic book cover

About Royal Institute of Magic by Victor Kloss

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Two years ago, Ben Greenwood’s parents walked out the door and never returned. The police have all but given up finding them when Ben stumbles upon a peculiar letter addressed to his dad. “You are the most wanted man in the Unseen Kingdoms. Unless you come to us, we cannot help. For your child’s sake, tell us what you know.”

The letter is from an organisation called the Royal Institute of Magic and is dated a day before his parents disappeared. Like most people, fourteen-year-old Ben hasn’t the faintest idea what the Royal Institute of Magic is, but he has his first clue: the logo on the letter.

Armed with nothing but his wits and the help of his good friend Charlie, Ben sets out to find the Institute and, through them, his parents. To succeed, he will have to navigate a land filled with fantastic creatures and Spellshooters, where magic can be bought and sold, to unravel an ancient family secret that could hold the key to defeating an evil the Institute has been fighting for the last five hundred years.

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Healing Submission: Tales of Hurt and Comfort Boxed Set

healing submission book cover

About Healing Submission: Tales of Hurt and Comfort Boxed Set

Safety. Security. Trust. Discipline.

How do you heal a shattered heart? With their dominants’ masterful handling and unique approaches to comfort, these lovers with hurt and trauma in their pasts get another chance at finding the love they deserve.

This boxed set contains ten novels from bestselling D/s romance authors including NYT/USA Today bestsellers Anna Antonia, Adriana Hunter, Selena Kitt and Linda Barlow. Some books are from existing series, but each book stands alone – no cliffhangers!

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SEDUCTIVE SUPERNATURALS: 12 Tales of Shapeshifters, Vampires & Sexy Spirits by Erin Quinn, Caridad Pineiro, Erin Kellison, Lisa Kessler, Chris Marie Green, Mary Leo, Maureen Child, Cassi Carver, Janet Wellington, Theresa Meyers, Sheri Whitefeather, Elisabeth Staab


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Boxed Set 6 Sex Guide for Women and How to Love: The Best Guide on How to Fall in Love and Sex Guide for Women

About Boxed Set 6 Sex Guide for Women and How to Love: The Best Guide on How to Fall in Love and Sex Guide for Women: Download your copy of How to Love and Sex Guide for Women today! Take action today and download this book and learn Love … [Continue reading]